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Garden Statues

Stratton Urn

A large French urn.

Small Corinthian Capital

An elegant garden feature equally suited for interior use.

Winged Lion Bench with Commemorative Plaque

A dramatic seat taken from the restoration project of a pair of buff terracotta originals.

Cushion Bench & Stools

Ornamental stone seat with beaded cushioned top.

Shakespeare's "Puck" seated on a Low Circular Plinth

rom Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ circa 1596.

Mythical Fawn on Log

Son of Faunus, Roman god of the woods & fields.

Large Driveway Edging Balls

Naturalistic erosion to the sphere, complete with dowel anchor.

Gothic Edging

Pack of 50. Simplistic double arch design with naive detail.

Georgian Sundial

Elegant design comprising an acanthus carved baluster column with fruit garland swags.

Barley Twist Sundial

Sundial with naturalistic erosion.

Doric Sundial

Elegant design with fluting to the column.

Square Classical Sundial

Elegant design comprising an acanthus carved baluster column with fruit garland swags.

Georgian Birdbath

An elegant Georgian design.

Barley Twist Birdbath

Barley twist stem and naturalistic erosion.

Putti Birdbath

Deep bird bath with naive leaf design.

Doric Birdbath

An elegant design with fluting to the column surmounted by a birdbath bowl.

Classical Gate Piers

Impressive gate piers.

Tall Gate Pier Finial

A fine eighteenth Century gate finial.

Boars Head Gate Pier Finial

Boars Head Gate Pier Finial

Traditional Gate Piers

Traditional style gate piers.

Cranmore Gate Pier Finial

Highly decorative lidded urn draped with fruit and flora.

Doulting Gate Pier Finial

Doulting Gate Pier Finial.

Pentlow Gate Pier Finial

19th century French lidded urn with deep relief rams heads.

Ball Gate Pier Finial

Pair of ball finials, rising from a square base.

Victorian Ball Finial

A pair traditional Victorian style ball finial.

Horses Head Gate Pier Finial

Elegant and refined these handsome Horse Head Gate Pier Finials.

The Hawks

Beautifully detailed handed Hawks gate pier finials

Harrow Eagles

A pair of spectacular eagles, with wings outspread facing Sinister and Dexter, sitting on a rocky outcrop.

Hunting Hounds after Jacquemart

Alfred Jacquemart (1824-1896) was one of the leading contributors to the French animalier school of the 19th century.

Dramatic Lions in Semi-Recumbant Pose

Seated on rectangular plinths with prominent bulbous detail.

The Wild Boars

The wild boar symbolized a worthy adversary for the hunter

The Reposing Pair of Stags

A spectacular piece depicting both beauty and tranquility. Inspired by a stag at Bowood House.

The Kingsale Hounds

These Great Danes are in the style of the favourite hunting dogs of the 26th Lord Kingsale, John de Courcy b.1717.

The Castle Oliver Gryphons

Available with two plinth options.

Locust Advanced Figure

Locust Advanced Figure