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The Wild Boars


In ancient Greece the wild boar was widespread throughout the land. Because of their strength, courage and ferocity, the wild boar symbolized a worthy adversary for the hunter and is strongly featured with the heroes of Greek mythology.

During the 17th century the Italians made a marble copy 'Cinghiale' which is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to this very day.

The boar as seen here is a perfect likeness of the 'Uffizi' Boar, with the hair of the boar's coat carved into large waving locks over the neck and shoulders with tighter more crowded waves over the body.

Also available is the exact mirror image of the Boar (the head turned in the opposite direction), which depending on location could be preferable, or of course they would make a splendid matching pair to any entrance or driveway.