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Small Corinthian Capital


An elegant garden feature equally suited for interior use, also suitable as table bases, coffee or side tables, particularly attractive with glass or marble tops.

The Corinthain order is one of the classical orders of Greek and Roman architecture, as clearly seen in the Pantheon, Rome. It was also much used in medievel times. The Corinthian order was said to have been created by the 5th Century architect Callimachus, who was inspired by the sight of a basket that had been left on the grave of a young girl. A few of her toys were in it, and a square tile had been placed over the basket to protect it from the weather, an acanthus plant had grown through the woven basket, mixing its spiny, deeply cut leaves with the weave of the basket.

Colour Options
Hand Antiqued Somerset, Bath or Portland

Technical Information
Height: 49cm
Width: 46cm
Depth: 46cm
Weight: 60kg